How hard is it to get a secured loan from bank of america?

Answer On One Hand: Secured Loans Have Lower Credit Standards.Securing a loan with collateral generally reduces the credit requirements placed on the borrower. Because the lender can seize the collateral ... Read More »

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How hard is it to get a personal loan from a bank?

On One Hand: On One Hand: Good Credit HistoryIf you have good credit history and have successfully borrowed money in the past, you will most likely have no problem walking into a bank with past fin... Read More »

Can you write off the interest from a secured personal loan?

An example of a secured personal loan is a loan to purchase a car, boat or other personal item. According to IRS Tax Topic 505, this type of interest is not tax deductible.References:IRS: Tax Topic... Read More »

I have a private student loan taken out from a bank (T.E.R.I) loan and I defaulted on 2 of the loans?

Private loans have no such rehab options that you are asking about. The rehab options are only available for federal loans. This is why private loans are evil. If you were to die or become disabl... Read More »

What bank is the best bank to borrow a student loan (either stafford or private loan)?

depending on your credit experience, assets and income.If your score is great, why not getting a low-interest credit card ?Plus a bank loan (big banks are better), your on the way !