How hard is it to do a virtual colonoscopy?

Answer On One Hand: A Virtual Colonoscopy Is Relatively SimpleWhen compared with a traditional colonoscopy, a virtual colonoscopy is significantly easier for a doctor to perform. For the procedure, the pa... Read More »

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Should I Have Virtual Colonoscopy or Regular Colonoscopy?

One of the most annoying places to find algae growing in a fish tank is on the surface of the light hood. Its presence diminishes the light, detracting from the appearance of the aquarium; and its ... Read More »

How safe is a virtual colonoscopy?

On One Hand: Technology Offers Safe, Accurate ResultsThere are two types of colonoscopy -- conventional or virtual. Virtual colonoscopy uses computerized axial tomography (CAT) to take high-resolut... Read More »

How to Link a Virtual PC to a Hard Disk?

Linking a virtual PC to a hard disk will allow you to use a physical hard drive as you would with your computer's host operating system, but within the virtual PC. You cannot use just a partition o... Read More »

How to Install Vista From a Hard Drive to Virtual PC?

Installing a Windows Vista installation from a hard drive to Microsoft Virtual PC can be done in few steps. Windows Vista includes a backup utility that can be used to create an image of the system... Read More »