How hard does your stomach get when you are pregnant... do you still have some rolls in it when you bend over?

Answer Answer If there were rolls before you were pregnant they are not going to go away, the baby just grows underneath.

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If your stomach is hard does it mean you are pregnant?

No, probably not. Your abdomen doesn't begin to harden until around 5 months of pregnancy, so unless you are already quite far on, it is unlikely that this is a sign that you are pregnant

When you first get pregnant where does your stomach get hard?

Answer Do you mean when do you first start showing that your pregnant? Because your stomach does not get hard until you can visibly see that you are carrying a baby which is usually around 4 months.

When will your stomach start to get hard when you are pregnant?

Answer As with everything, this depends on the person. Some women report their stomachs getting firmer toward the end of their first trimester. Most common seems to be stomach hardening at about 18... Read More »

How long does it take for your stomach to get hard when pregnant?