How hard do you have to hit a pregnant teen to lose the baby?

Answer A baby is pretty stable but about an average full punch would kill it sorry if it happend to you or anyone you know.

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If you lose a baby at 6 months pregnant do u have a funeral?

Obviously, if the body was intact, yes, according to the Catholic church. The child would be baptized and probably given a name. the body would have to be buried in consecrated grounds, many cemete... Read More »

Can your wife get pregnant if not ovulating My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for about 3 years now she got pregnant 3 times the last one was 3 months then baby died inside What to do?

If your wife is not ovulating she cannot get pregnant. To find out why you need to visit a medical practitioner.

Can a pregnant woman lose her baby from drug use?

AnswerYES, All drugs and alcohol consumed whilst pregnant can and usually does effect the unborn child.My advise is to STOP taking any drugs and think about how these actions could be harming the b... Read More »

Can you lose your baby when 3 days pregnant?

yes that would be called a mis carriage sweetie. you can risk of loosing your baby up to your 3 month mark! if this still doesn't satisfy you then call any ask a nuse and ask them they would surely... Read More »