How good is windows 7?

Answer yup it is good faster 1st check your computer configuration there some problem with dos programs but its small problem we solve it with…If you think... Read More »

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Is it a good idea to upgrade my windows xp to windows vista?

Don't upgrade buy new, that way you know that the machine is capable of running Vista. The added bonus is you can sell your old XP to someone who doesn't want to join the modern world of technology.

Is windows vista good or windows xp good?

Don't listen to the cry babies - everything they're saying about Vista the tech community said about XP eight years ago. The best advice, is get Vista. If you buy a new PC to have it, then that is ... Read More »

Is there a good restaurant in Philly that is high up with lots of windows and a good view?

There isnt much left, there used to many back in the day from what i have been told but have long been gone.this is the only one that i know of... the other one is a "club" and is by invitation onl... Read More »

Is Windows 8 good as a laptop OS?

With a touch interface, Windows 8 is great. I use a tablet but I also have Win 8 on an older workstation. It's more difficult to use with a mouse rather than touch but it does work.Remember, that... Read More »