How good is this computer?

Answer hi robert one word screams out at you about this p.c...future proof! asus are market leaders in motherboard and the 6600 quad core processor is a extermely fast processor,excellen... Read More »

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Is this a good computer?

Is this a good computer set-up?

I have built my own PC before, It all depends on what the computer will be used for, If your making a gaming PC I would recommend upgrading your RAM, Processor and Graphics Card.But upgrades can be... Read More »

Is this computer good?

100 what? 100 rupees? 100 rupiah? 100 USD?Anyway, assuming it's 100 Canadian Dollars. I guess it's quite cheap for the price. Go grab it ;)

How good would this computer be?

For non-gaming: EXCELLENT!!For Gaming: I recommend shelling out an extra hundred bucks for a GTX 660 TI! It will have more than double the performance of the GTX 650 Ti! The CPU is excellent!REport... Read More »