How good is the Sony Alpha DSLR A100?

Answer I had a Sony point and shoot camera for a couple of years after which it was burned out after only about ten thousand images. Sony is into electronics, not cameras. What I liked about the camera wa... Read More »

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Specifications for the Sony Alpha A100?

The Sony Alpha A100 is a digital single reflex lens (DSLR) camera that was introduced into the market during the summer of 2006; it has since been discontinued. It was the first DSLR camera that So... Read More »

Sony Alpha A100 question?

Yes, your old Minolta lenses will work with the Sony Alpha.That makes for a compelling reason to stick with the Sony rather than purchase the Canon. I admit it: I'm a Canon fan. On top of that, ... Read More »

Good low light lense for Sony DSLR Alpha with a decent zoom power?

Kyle doesn't know that his Canon lenses won't work on anything but a Canon body, so forgive his ignorance. I won't, but you should.You want the Sony 70-200 F/2.8 G, which only costs $2,400 dollars.... Read More »

Trouble with Macro - Sony Alpha 350 DSLR?

The macro scene mode found on most entry-level DSLRs only set the camera settings to give desirable results (activates flash, adjusts sharpening and contrast, etc.) with a close up or macro lens; i... Read More »