How good is the Olympus 14 54mm lens?

Answer On One Hand: High QualityThe Olympus 14-54mm lens is a standard zoom lens that, according to Lens Buyers Guide, provides high resolution, high image quality and superior color contrast, which trans... Read More »

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Can you fit an Olympus lens to a canon EOS camera?

The short answer is "no."Probably a good machinist could make an adaptor, but autofocus and exposure functions still wouldn't work, and the lens could not focus to infinity, only close-up.

How to Remove the Lens Off an Olympus E-300 Camera?

The Olympus E-300 digital SLR camera allows photographers to change the lens to suit the needs of the shot. In addition, photographers should remove the lens from the body of the E-300 when storing... Read More »

How to Use an Olympus OM Lenses on 4/3 Lens Systems?

For many photographers, building a collection of lenses that can be used for different photo settings is part of the enjoyment of photography. But not all lenses will work on all systems. Up unti... Read More »

Can you fit an Olympus om lens to a nikon digital camera?

Answer Yes. There are adapters avalable that let you do this. But, you will have to focus manually.[Spelvin adds] In addition, because such adapters generally serve as a spacer between the rear of ... Read More »