How good is the Nikon D3000?

Answer The Nikon D3000 is a good but very basic DSLR with few features. It uses the older CCD sensor which performs poorly at higher ISO settings (above 400).In my opinion, a much better choice in this pr... Read More »

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What would be a good upgrade from a nikon d3000?

Powerful in what sense? Bear in mind that no matter what camera you use, you get the same picture quality. A later model camera will just give you more recent technology. A more expensive model wil... Read More »

Is the Nikon D3000 a good camera?

How to take good action pictures with nikon d3000?

Is the Nikon DSLR D3000 a good camera for beginners?

Well, I will suggest you Nikon D3000 or Canon EOS 1000D but if money is not a problem, Nikon D5000 will be the one. As you say that you will need it for landscape and wildlife, the kit lens will be... Read More »