How good is samsung portable blue ray player?

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Which is the best Samsung portable DVD player?

On One Hand: The Samsung DVD-L100 Remains UnsurpassedThough released in 2002, the DVD-L100 remains Samsung's highest-rated portable DVD player by CNET editors, who gave it a "Very Good" rating (3.5... Read More »

I have a samsung BD-D5100 blue ray player that doesn't want to pay blue rays. I have updated the firmware.?

Bluray laser is Kaput...I could suggest a lens cleaner disc, but since it plays DVDs that will not work (one lens, two lasers). Repair (like Samsung rep said) or buy new one.

Will a portable DVD player play blue ray DVD?

There are many brands to blue ray...phillips, sony, memorex..but they are expensive...I think about 13 dollars a blank disk...

What is the best samsung blue ray player?