How good is orange for six month old baby?

Answer It is my question as well.

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Where is a good place to have a baby shower in Cleveland, OH during the month of October?

It really depends upon how many people you expect to attend as well as the services you want the establishment to offer. You might want to consider one of the cabins in the Metroparks or a banquet... Read More »

Has anyone seen a baby orange that has grown inside a normal orange?

I think you have a naval orange. We buy them by the case.

Why is it easier for a baby to survive when it is born in the eighth month rather than the sixth month?

A baby does not have well developed lungs and other vital organs to survive on its own until later in the pregnancy. it is always best to be as close to 40 weeks as possible.

If you have been off the pill for a month are there health risks for the baby if you get pregnant the next month?