How good is hydroxy cut?

Answer On One Hand: Weight LossThere are only two credible studies conducted with hydroxycut and they came to conflicting conclusions. In one study, women who were taking the diet pill only lost two pound... Read More »

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What Is Hydroxy Acid?

Hydroxy acid has been a buzzword the last 25 years as it appeared in many skin-care products to help the skin slough off dead cells to reveal new skin underneath. Hydroxy acid can be manufactured i... Read More »

Alpha Hydroxy Treatments?

Alpha hydroxy treatments are utilized to achieve younger-looking healthy skin. In these treatments, alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin and reveal more radiant skin beneath. Your skin care regim... Read More »

What Is Alpha Hydroxy?

While alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are an ingredient in modern anti-aging skin care products, the use of alpha hydroxy for skin rejuvenation can be traced as far back as Cleopatra, who soaked in milk... Read More »

Alpha Hydroxy Face Creams?

Alpha hydroxy acids reduce hyper-pigmentation, also known as dark spots or age spots. These acids exfoliate the top layer and firm the facial skin. The exfoliation process is intended to reveal a m... Read More »