How good is exercise on mini trampolines?

Answer On One Hand: Calories are BurnedJumping on a mini trampoline or rebounder burns a lot of calories. Rebounding is more effective than running to burn calories and challenge one's cardio-respiratory ... Read More »

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How much cardiac exercise do you get from a mini trampoline?

Jumping on a mini trampoline will have different effects on your cardiac heart rate depending on how high and fast you jump. The average person will get the same cardiac exercise benefit per minut... Read More »

Is this good exercise?

I'm just warning you, running for an hour on the treadmil is tough. I'm 14 and it took me two months to be able to do it. I burn 800 calories an hour and I run at a speed of 7 mph. I would start wi... Read More »

What a good exercise?

How much do trampolines cost?

According to Toys R Us, in 2010 a 12-foot round trampoline cost $224.99. With a safety enclosure, the trampoline cost $299.99. A smaller, 8-foot round trampoline cost $129.99, and a large, 17-foot ... Read More »