How good are wireless alarms?

Answer On One Hand: Wireless BenefitsWireless security alarms are effective and easier to install than the older, hard-wired models. Wireless alarm technology spares you the hassle of having to run and co... Read More »

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Are wireless USB adapters as good as wireless cards?

USB wireless adapters are good but for maximum range, a card with an external antenna usually has the best range. USB wireless adapters with an external antenna are rare. Often there is a large dif... Read More »

What is a good camera to record Youtube videos A good wireless Microphone?

HD Camcorders and DSLR Cameras interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the c... Read More »

Good wireless all-in-one printer?

Epson wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat their warranty. If anything goes wrong, they will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one at t... Read More »

Are wireless mice any good?

wireless optical mice are the best option if you need to switch hands. The only worry is changing the batteries. Make sure you get an ergonomic mouse which will help to reduce your symptoms of rsi