How good are synthetic oils?

Answer On One Hand: Advantages Of Synthetic OilAccording to, the major advantage of synthetic oil over conventional oil is its resistance to thermal breakdown. It also has better chemical and s... Read More »

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How good are synthetic oils for automobiles?

On One Hand: Not Usually NecessaryIn the real world, as long as all of your internal engine parts are covered with clean and slippery lubricant, they'll last exactly as long as they're supposed to.... Read More »

How to Mix Mobil Gear Synthetic Oils With Nonsynthetic Oils?

The longstanding duel between synthetic oil and conventional oil has a long history that lends credence to the assumption that the end is nowhere near in sight. Synthetic oil is basically a molecul... Read More »

Synthetic Oils Vs. Paraffin Wax Oils?

Paraffin wax oils and synthetic oils act as engine lubricants; they also neutralize acids and dissolve tar buildup in the engine. Paraffin wax oil is a mineral oil with added paraffin and wax, whil... Read More »

How to Mix Synthetic & Natural Oils?

Mixing synthetic and natural oils is generally not recommended by the engine manufacturer, but no negative effects have yet been shown. Many engines recommend only using synthetic oil since it prov... Read More »