How good are granite countertops?

Answer On One Hand: Granite Is Durable and AttractiveGranite countertops are highly durable. Not only do they last for decades, you can also place hot dishes directly on them and cut vegetables without us... Read More »

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Is formica granite less expensive than granite countertops?

Formica is less expensive than other countertop materials, including granite and marble. Formica is made of plastic and is regarded as a laminate while granite countertops come in the form of a sto... Read More »

How to Seal Granite Countertops?

In this article you're going to learn how to seal granite countertops.Natural stone is porous and may allow liquids to penetrate the surface, causing the potential for stains. If you need to seal y... Read More »

How to Clean Granite Countertops?

There are many ways to clean granite counter tops but this article shows you how to clean it the safest way.

Are granite countertops radioactive?

Granite can potentially produce small amounts of uranium, which puts off low levels of radon, a radioactive, odorless gas that can cause cancer. There are instances in which the radon can be emitte... Read More »