How good are ceramic knives?

Answer On One Hand: Ceramic Knives are GoodCeramic knives are high-tech advanced knives made from a ceramic called zirconia, which is second in hardness to a diamond. They are very sharp and stay that way... Read More »

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Are ceramic knives good?

On One Hand: They are SharpCeramic knives are made with a substance called zirconia, which is almost as hard as diamonds. Zirconia was actually designed for industrial applications. This material m... Read More »

Can ceramic knives go through airport security?

Plastic or round bladed butter knives are the only items that are acceptable in carry-on luggage. Inform a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer if you have these items before you wa... Read More »

Where are Tachi ceramic knives manufactured?

Tachi ceramic knives are manufactured by CIX Products, Inc. CIX is based in Smithville, Missouri. The blades themselves are manufactured in China. However, all sharpening or warranty returns are se... Read More »

Where are tachi ceramic knives made?

Tachi blades are manufactured in China. Tachi makes ceramic knives with titanium blades that never need to be sharpened. The company creates knives for kitchen and household use, as well as pocket ... Read More »