How good are 3M Ultra Allergen 1250 Filtrete filters?

Answer On One Hand: Positive ResultsAccording to Consumer Search, the 3M Ultra Allergen Filtrete 1250 filter is effective at improving the air quality in a home. User reviews state it catches pet dander a... Read More »

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How do I clean Filtrete filters?

Toss and ReplaceThrow out and replace your Filtrete air filters every three months for optimum air filtration. Because of the nature of the product, you cannot wash and reuse the filters without a ... Read More »

Who manufactures Filtrete furnace filters?

Filtrete filters are manufactured by the American company 3M. Products range from highway safety to abrasives and adhesives with global sales of $23 billion at year-end 2009. Filters specifically... Read More »

Does the Flip Ultra HD have a good zoom?

The Flip UltraHD, like just about all pocket camcorders has a 4X Digital zoom, not Optical. Optical zoom is true lens optics as is best as digital zoom is basically magnifications of the pixels, th... Read More »

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