How good and well priced is the Canon Eos 5d?

Answer tar basically the difference between the pot and the pan is the pot holds more because it has more depth thant the pan the pan is only 2 inches deep and a pot can be anywhere from 5 to 29 inches.

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Why are some HDMI cables priced £60-70 whilst some are priced £2-5 What is the difference?

Simple answering is marketing.No cable is 3000% better then an other one, no matter what it is made out of.You pay for the name, for the status, for the "peace of mind"One will be gold plated and o... Read More »

What is a good camera to buy that is reasonably priced?

well,the price tells the quality and durability of the camera...if you buy cheaper ones they are usually with lower quality...i have Coolpix L20,10MP for about 100 Euros,it has good quality...but f... Read More »

What is a good , low-priced camera please help !?

Canon Powershot ELPH 100 HSColorful sub-$200 cameras have been a staple of Canon PowerShot cameras for quite a few years, and the recently announced PowerShot ELPH 100 HS camera follows that fo... Read More »

What is a good reasonably priced blue ray player?

Yes it Comes in Widescreen and in HD unlike othe movies.