How girls get attracted towards boys?

Answer well this question depends on the type of girl she is... if she is a total snob then she might be attracted to guys by their looks but if she is sweet then she will go for personality not looks. ... Read More »

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I'm a 15 year old guy and i feel that I'm only attracted to boys. why its that?

you should dine out with boys and girls and decide which you like better

How can I convince my daughter that boys are attracted to small pesky breasts, too?

How I've missed these typos. This is a particularly brilliant one because everybody is thinking pedo thoughts!!! LOLOkay, for an answer, have her e-mail me, my pesky little a-cups have always got... Read More »

Why am I attracted to girls with very very thick makeup?

no they dont.. haha weird exactly how you described girls with lots of makeup!-- thats how i wear mine ;) lolim not a hooker!! >:(

Guys & girls, what race do you find yourself the most attracted to?