How get 7 years driving record in north Carolina?

Answer Doubtful. Most policies exclude damage from domestic animals. Consult your policy or with your agent.

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How to Get a Copy of a Driving Record in North Carolina?

If you are a resident of North Carolina and are being considered for employment, shopping for the best car insurance rates or just curious about any moving violations or speeding tickets, you will ... Read More »

What is reckless driving in North Carolina?

Reckless driving is a type of moving violation involving the operation of a vehicle in an unsafe manner. Reckless driving is sometimes called aggressive driving and can include speeding, weaving in... Read More »

Is reckless driving a felony in North Carolina?

No, reckless driving is a class 2 misdemeanor in the state of North Carolina. You can go to jail for up to 60 days and accrue up to four points on your driver's license for a reckless driving convi... Read More »

Penalty for Driving Without a License in North Carolina?

Driving without a license is a serious problem in all U.S. states, North Carolina included. The state requires that all drivers have a valid license, and that it is in their possession while behind... Read More »