How frequently do electric fans catch fire?

Answer A normal fan that you buy at the store is "rated" and tested by some agency in your country. In the USA it UL labs. The chance of it catching fire under normal use would be VERY rare. I think so... Read More »

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Can an electric fryer catch on fire?

Yes, electric fryers can catch on fire. These appliances should never be left unattended and should not be used close to other objects such as towels or paper. Children should never be left alone w... Read More »

How to Re Use the Electric Motor in Muffin Fans (Computer Cooling Fans)?

Computer cooling fans also known as muffin fans have very nice brushless motors that can be used for other applications, for example to make a simple centrifuge. In this wikihow, a simple way to re... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Electric Fans?

So, you want to learn on how to make an electric fan.

Can this catch on fire?

Good grief, get a bulb that has a built in reflector… that has been designed and UL (insurance underwriters) tested to safely dissipate heat.