How flowers live?

Answer flower take pollen from there leaves and the other parts help them to live long lives.

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Flowers That Live in a Rainforest?

Flowers that live in rainforests enjoy a warm, humid climate all year round and conditions conducive to producing an enormous variation of plant life. Some plants that live in a rainforest have odd... Read More »

If aspirin is put to flowers will they live or die?

They will still be dead but they will just look lively.

What flowers are in bloom right now where you live?

I'm in Alaska..none yet but the springs I'm told are awesome here with lots of fireweed and other things

Flowers That Live in the Deciduous Forest?

Deciduous literally means "to fall off." Consequently, a deciduous forest is one in which the trees shed their leaves at a certain season--during the winter. Deciduous forests can be found in tempe... Read More »