How flowers live?

Answer flower take pollen from there leaves and the other parts help them to live long lives.

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How do I preserve fresh live flowers?

Dry the flower blossoms and stems to remove any moisture. Place the stems vertically, so they are standing upright, in a deep box, filled halfway with clean, white sand.Add additional sand slowly a... Read More »

How long do pansy flowers live?

According to West Virginia University, pansies are biennial plants, usually grown as annuals and discarded after blooming in the cool weather seasons. Pansy (Violax wittrockiana) blooms come in a r... Read More »

Flowers That Live in a Rainforest?

Flowers that live in rainforests enjoy a warm, humid climate all year round and conditions conducive to producing an enormous variation of plant life. Some plants that live in a rainforest have odd... Read More »

How to Permanently Preserve Live Flowers?

Preserving live flowers allows you to enjoy the beauty and color of the blooms long after the growing season is over. Preserved flowers can be used in dried flower bouquets or in crafts such as wre... Read More »