How far is a meter in feet?

Answer A meter equals about 3.28 feet. Feet and meters are used to measure length. Other measures of length include inches and yards in the imperial system and centimeters and kilometers in the metric sys... Read More »

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How many feet are in a meter?

According to the Official Nebraska Government Website, there are 3.28 feet (or 39.37 inches) in one meter. Other common measurement conversions include 1.09 yards in a meter and 1,609 meters in a s... Read More »

How long is a meter compared to feet?

A foot is a measurement of the United States customary units, while a meter is a measurement of the metric system. One foot is the equivalent of 0.3048 meter. One meter is the equivalent of 3.2808 ... Read More »

How long is a meter stick in feet?

A meter stick measures exactly 3.28083 feet. Since three feet equals one yard, a meter stick is slightly longer than a yard stick. A meter stick is exactly 3.37 inches longer than a yard stick.Sour... Read More »

How many feet are in the 100-meter dash?

One meter is equivalent to 1.094 yards. Multiply 100 meters by 1.094 yards per meter.100 x 1.094 = 109.4 yards.One yard is equivalent to 3 feet. Multiply 109.4 yards by 3 feet per yard. Hence, our ... Read More »