How many feet are in a meter?

Answer According to the Official Nebraska Government Website, there are 3.28 feet (or 39.37 inches) in one meter. Other common measurement conversions include 1.09 yards in a meter and 1,609 meters in a s... Read More »

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How far is a meter in feet?

A meter equals about 3.28 feet. Feet and meters are used to measure length. Other measures of length include inches and yards in the imperial system and centimeters and kilometers in the metric sys... Read More »

How many feet is a 12 meter boat?

One meter is equal to 3.28 feet. Therefore, a boat that is 12 meters long is 39.36 feet long. To convert meters to feet, simply multiply the number of meters by 3.28 to find the exact measurement i... Read More »

How many feet are in a 6 square meter?

An area of 6 square meters is equivalent to 64.58 square feet. This area is based on the metric conversion of feet to meters: 1 foot equals 0.3048 meters. Area is calculated by multiplying length b... Read More »

How many feet are in a 20-meter circle?

Since there are 3.281 feet per meter, a 20-meter circle, or a circle with a circumference of 20 meters, would be equivalent to a circle with a circumference of 65.62 feet.References:U.S. Geological... Read More »