How Much Debt Does the Average American Have?

Answer In 2009, the average American owed an average of $8,400 in credit card debt alone, according the U.S. Census Bureau. Debt in America has reached $2.43 trillion, or approximately $21,900 per househo... Read More »

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How much does the average American spend a day?

An average American household makes $63,000 per year and spends about $136 of it per day (nearly $50,000 per year). The biggest single cost is housing, which eats up a third of the spending.Source... Read More »

What does the average American have in savings?

Per a 2006 article in the Washington Post, the typical American family only had $3,800 in the bank, typically with no retirement plan. Those that do have retirement plans only have $35,000 set asid... Read More »

How much TV does the average American watch?

The average American watches four hours and 35 minutes of television every day, according to Neilsen Media Research, and an individual TV set is on for at least eight hours a day in the average hou... Read More »

How much TV does the average American watch a day?

More than 4 hours a day is spent watching TV by the average American. Each person watches about 2 months worth of television per year. By the time a person turns 65, he will have spent 9 years of h... Read More »