How fast should you lose weight?

Answer Losing weight safely and effectively is an important goal for many overweight and obese Americans. By losing weight correctly, you are more likely to keep the weight off.Number of PoundsIt is recom... Read More »

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I need to lose weight fast! starvation should I?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:1) The faster you loose weight the faster you will put it back on. The body has its own memory. It's called homeostasis. It remembers your last body state and ... Read More »

I need to lose weight fast. How much will I lose if I have one of my legs amputated?

Is 130 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 3 12-year-old girl and how can you lose weight fast?

130 lbs is perfectly normal. You will stretch out over the years. I was 200 lbs and 5'3 in Dec. of '94 when I was 12. Because of problems caused by the obesity, I walked 4 out of 7 days and ate rig... Read More »

How to lose weight fast!!!?

The best way to lose weight fast is to just cut out all of your junk and processed foods--soda, packaged foods, fast foods, etc--and eat a plant based diet. It will be hard to get used to at first,... Read More »