How fast is this macbook air?

Answer I don't have one, but I do know apple makes the best computers in the world. I don't think it matters, as long as you buy apple products.

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I overheard this guy at Apple saying that students get 30% discount on the Macbook. Is this true?

as far as i'm aware, the student discount you get depends on what college or university you go to. if it's listed as 'higher education' then you'll get more discount. i bought mine when i was at co... Read More »

How much would you pay for this macbook pro?

1,500 sounds like a fair-ish price. Personally, I'd like a bit more RAM for the money. Also, most sellers are expecting to be knocked down a little. Maybe offer 1200-1250 and see if you can get it ... Read More »

How much would you pay for this macbook?

Is this a reasonable amount to pay for a 2 year old Macbook?

I've got a little bit of info on Macs.... stick to themthe new operating system is X OS Lion, far superior to windows that I've been on since1995 and before that too.1. Test every function it and i... Read More »