Is the wind blowing outside today?

Answer No not here, it`s lovely sunshine and no breeze at all....

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How come it feel and sounds like there is wind blowing in my ear even if its plugged?

Sure get it checked out, but what you might hear could be the blood that is floating right there and you just got this feeling that the wind is blowing..

If a train is going 65mph and the wind is blowing perpendicular at 65mph, will the smoke go straight up?

No... It's an electric train and there is no smoke.

How fast is the solar wind?

Solar wind is a torrent of charged particles-- mostly electrons and protons--that is ejected from the sun's upper atmosphere. Solar wind varies in speed: Slow solar wind has a velocity of 400 kilom... Read More »

How fast are wind turbines?

The speed of a wind turbine can be as low as 2 mph and as fast as 25mph or more. Speeds depend on the amount of wind around the turbine, as well as the size of the turbine. Smaller turbines run at ... Read More »