How fast is the 1965 shelby cobra 427?

Answer The 1965 Shelby (or A.C.) Cobra 427 had a top speed of 163 mph. Part of the 'Mark III' Cobras, the 427 got its name from the 7L Ford 427 engine that powered it, giving the car 425 break horse power... Read More »

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Shelby Cobra 427 Specs?

Carroll Shelby was known in the 1960s for building powerful sports cars. In the early 1960s the AC car company of Great Britain produced a light weight sports car called the Ace. AC had lost its en... Read More »

How much does a Shelby Cobra kit cost?

A kit to build a Cobra replica starts at just under $10,000. Adding specialized options and equipment can quickly add to the price. However, with genuine Cobra vehicles selling for $50,000 or more,... Read More »

How fast does a Shelby GT 500 go?

The 2010 Shelby GT 500 can reach a speed of 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds from a standing start. The Shelby can run a quarter mile in 12.4 seconds at a closing speed of 114.7 miles per hour.Sour... Read More »

Living in Ct - currently on cobra - is ex-wife responsible for paying half of children's current cobra premium?

Answer What does your Judgement for Divorce say?when your COBRA expires