How fast is dial up internet service?

Answer Dial-up cannot get speeds faster than 53 kilobits per second due to Federal Communications Commission regulations on phone lines, though it is theoretically capable of 56 kilobits per second. Howev... Read More »

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Dial-up Internet service?

Get a buddy that can have dial up and get the right kind of radio link. Using a direct line of site link you can have T-4 transfer rates with the right set up. You will need some other specialized ... Read More »

What is dial-up Internet service?

Before always-on, broadband Internet connections became widely available, dial-up Internet over analog phone lines was the norm. Dial-up Internet access allows users to access the Internet at 56.6k... Read More »

What is the fastest dial-up Internet service?

On One Hand: Several ISPs Advertise Fast ServiceAccording to marketing material for NetZero, an American Internet service provider, the company offers the fastest dial-up Internet service available... Read More »

What is the fastest Internet dial-up service?

On One Hand: All Dial-Up Is About the SameAll standard dial-up connections are limited to speeds of 56 kilobits per second, according to High Speed Internet Access Guide. Also, you usually cannot g... Read More »