How fast is an Intel Celeron 540?

Answer The single-core, Intel Celeron M 540 operates at a clock speed of 1.86 gigahertz (GHz), front bus speed of 533 megahertz, and L2 cache of 1 megabyte. This is half the size of a low end Core 2 Duo. ... Read More »

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How fast is the intel celeron 550?

The Intel Celeron 550 processor is a single-core processor with a clock speed of 2GHz. The processor has 1MB of Level 2 memory cache. The speed of its front-side bus, which transfers data among the... Read More »

How fast is an Intel Celeron D processor?

Intel Celeron D processors all run at a front-side bus (FSB) speed of 533 MHz, an indication of the rate of data transfer. The computational or clock speeds of the Celeron D processors range from 2... Read More »

Is an Intel Celeron M 64-bit?

Though the original Celeron M models only featured 32-bit data width, chips in the Intel Celeron M 500 series and 700 series support 64-bit computing when paired with the appropriate software.Refer... Read More »

Is the Intel Atom a Celeron?

The Intel Atom processors and the Intel Celeron processors, though both made by the same parent company, are two different families of processors with different speeds, memories and uses. The Intel... Read More »