How fast is a tandem bicycle?

Answer A tandem bike is as fast as the riders who power it. It's feasible that a tandem bike could sustain speeds of 25 to 30 mph, depending on the power and stamina of the riders. One highly specialized ... Read More »

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What is a tandem bicycle also known as?

A tandem bicycle is also known as a bicycle built for two because it usually contains two seats and sets of pedals, one in front of the other. A tandem bicycle with more than two seats is known as ... Read More »

When was the tandem bicycle invented?

The first tandem bicycle was created by M.D. Rucker around 1884. The tandem was constructed by welding two traditional bicycle frames together. Although the design was impractical, tandems were pop... Read More »

Who made a tandem bicycle marked Indian?

The Indian Motorcycle Company made a tandem bicycle in the early 1900s that was used as a pacer unit. The Indian tandem would run ahead of racing bikes to split the air stream and decrease resistan... Read More »

How to Size a Bicycle and Bicycle Seat to Fit the Rider?

Properly sizing a bicycle assists and protects the rider from injuries and enhances the enjoyment of bicycling.