How fast is a normal three year old's heartbeat?

Answer the only way to tell your blood type is to have a test

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Is it normal to have a fast heartbeat normal during pregnancy?

Yes You're heart is currently supporting yourself, and another (tiny) human being. Your heart rate will probably be something like 15 beats per minute faster than usual, because of the extra workl... Read More »

Is a 30A Bra Size Normal for 12 year olds?

It's normal. Don't worry about it. People grow at different rates. You will grow eventually. Just wait.

Is it normal for 14 year olds to eat/drink children medicine?

It is not uncommon. I know I had difficulty swallowing pills when I was younger, so I'd have to take liquid or chewables. When I could finally swallow a pill, it had to be very small (Aleve was t... Read More »

How fast should a 3 year olds heart beat?

around 100 to 160 beats per minute.preferably around 120-140