How fast is a laser beam?

Answer Dr. Lijun Wang and his associates of NEC research Princeton, Massachusetts report an experiment producing a laser speed of 300 times the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,282 miles per seco... Read More »

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Laser Beam Dangers?

Lasers are used in the 21st century everywhere from medical centers to the entertainment sector, and are increasingly available for use in the workplace and for sale over the Internet. Since indivi... Read More »

How to Collimate a Laser Beam?

A laser beam that has been directed through optics or a fiber can be approximately collimated with different lenses. A laser beam focused into a single-mode optical fiber can be coherently collimat... Read More »

How to See the Beam of a Red Laser Pointer in Mid Air?

If you get bored of seeing just the red dot of your laser pointer? Well buying a green laser pointer isn't the only way to see a laser beam in mid air, it's just the easiest way.

What Is Laser Beam Machining?

Laser beam machining uses the energy in laser light to cut sheets of flat material, such as metal, plastic and cloth. The lasers come in a range of power levels, each suited to machine specific mat... Read More »