How fast is a 1.5 dsl compared to a 56k dial up?

Answer DSL connections are measured in megabytes, whereas dial-up connections are measured in kilobytes. A 1.5 megabyte connection is the equivalent of 1,500 kilobytes, which is about 27 times as fast as ... Read More »

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How fast is Qwest 1.5 DSL compared to 56K Dial-up?

Qwest 1.5 Mbps DSL has a maximum download speed of approximately 1500 Kbps relative to the 56 Kbps download speed offered by 56k dial-up. As a result, Qwest 1.5 Mbps DSL is about 26.8 faster than a... Read More »

How fast is MSN dial up?

All dial up services--including MSN dial up--are limited to 56 Kilobytes per second (Kbps). As of July, 2010, Microsoft offers MSN dial up service starting at $18.95 per month.References:High Speed... Read More »

How fast is NetZero dial-up?

NetZero supports 56k dial-up modems with the V.92 compression standard. Download and upload rates for V.92 connections are a maximum of 50 and 48 kbps, respectively. Check with NetZero before subsc... Read More »

How to Get Extremely Fast Dial-Up?

Dial-up connections use your phone line to connect to the Internet. They are much slower than broadband connections. However, dial-ups may be useful in areas where you don't get affordable alternat... Read More »