How fast is NetZero Internet?

Answer NetZero dial-up and DSL services connect to the Internet at varying speeds. Factors affecting speed include the number of users accessing the service/high network traffic, line noise and your NetZe... Read More »

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How fast is Netzero dial up?

NetZero is an Internet service provider company in the United States and Canada. They offer accelerated dial-up and DSL/Broadband connections. The speeds of the accelerated dial-up will vary, but i... Read More »

How fast is NetZero dial-up?

NetZero supports 56k dial-up modems with the V.92 compression standard. Download and upload rates for V.92 connections are a maximum of 50 and 48 kbps, respectively. Check with NetZero before subsc... Read More »

How to Get NetZero Without the Internet?

Netzero offers three dial-up Internet service plans, according to the company's website. Each plan offers various benefits including unlimited bandwidth, security features and email, for example. E... Read More »

Is NetZero DSL a standalone Internet access?

As of 2010, NetZero does not offer standalone DSL service—the ISP requires users to have their own landline, according to the NetZero website. Like all DSL services, you can still use your phone ... Read More »