How fast is NetZero Internet?

Answer NetZero dial-up and DSL services connect to the Internet at varying speeds. Factors affecting speed include the number of users accessing the service/high network traffic, line noise and your NetZe... Read More »

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How fast is Netzero dial up?

NetZero is an Internet service provider company in the United States and Canada. They offer accelerated dial-up and DSL/Broadband connections. The speeds of the accelerated dial-up will vary, but i... Read More »

How fast is NetZero dial-up?

NetZero supports 56k dial-up modems with the V.92 compression standard. Download and upload rates for V.92 connections are a maximum of 50 and 48 kbps, respectively. Check with NetZero before subsc... Read More »

How to Get NetZero Without the Internet?

Netzero offers three dial-up Internet service plans, according to the company's website. Each plan offers various benefits including unlimited bandwidth, security features and email, for example. E... Read More »

Who Owns Netzero Internet Service?

NetZero is a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. United Online stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "UNTD." United Online, Inc. was formed in June 2001 when NetZero and Juno--another Internet s... Read More »