How fast does Neptune rotate?

Answer According to data gathered by NASA's Voyager mission in 1989, Neptune's rotational period is approximately 18 hours. In comparison, Earth, a much smaller planet, has a rotational period of 24 hours... Read More »

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How Fast Do Planets Rotate Around Their Orbits?

While one planet may take years to complete an orbit around a star, another may zoom around a star in days. To measure the orbits of other planets, scientists use Earth's one-year orbit as the stan... Read More »

What if your iphone does not answer does not rotate and does not let you get on the internet and you have the gprs service?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

My Dell lcd monitor can rotate 90 degrees, what do I need to do to make the image rotate 90 degrees also.?

Go to control panel. in there there will be settings for Intel extreme graphics, you can rotate the image in there, the easiest way is to enable hot keys so you can rotate it easily any time that y... Read More »

Does Neptune rotate clockwise?

No, Neptune does not rotate clockwise. A time-lapsed animation constructed from images taken by the Hubble Telescope and the Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, courtesy of Read More »