How fast does the fastest cruise ship travel?

Answer The world's fastest cruise ship is certainly not the largest, or the newest. The SS United States first set sail in 1952. The SS United States still holds the speed record with a speed of 44 knots,... Read More »

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What's fastest way to get thc out of your system fast ?

anti oxidants and sweating and burning fat

How fast is the fastest helicopter rotor blade?

It is not the flammable liquid that ignites, but the vapors (or vapours for our British cousins) that ignite. Vapor can travel a considerable distance from the liquid to an unforeseen source of ign... Read More »

Does ice melt fastest in salt or dirt?

When substances dissolve in water, the water undergoes phenomena known as freezing-point depression and boiling-point elevation. That is, the freezing point of water (which is normally 0 degrees Ce... Read More »

Why does fungus grow on bread the fastest?

Most people have seen fungus or mold growing on bread when conditions are ripe for the spores to reproduce. Fungus flourishes so quickly on bread that growing it has become a popular science class ... Read More »