How Fast Do Planets Rotate Around Their Orbits?

Answer While one planet may take years to complete an orbit around a star, another may zoom around a star in days. To measure the orbits of other planets, scientists use Earth's one-year orbit as the stan... Read More »

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Does the moon rotate around the sun?

The moon indirectly orbits the sun because it orbits around the Earth, which orbits around the sun. It takes the moon approximately one month (27 days and 8 hours) to orbit around the Earth. The mo... Read More »

How long does it take the planet Neptune to rotate the Earth?

The planet Neptune does not rotate the Earth, but it rotates around the sun. It does so once every 165 years. It can only be seen using a telescope and has 13 known moons.Source:NASA: Profile of Ne... Read More »

How fast does Neptune rotate?

According to data gathered by NASA's Voyager mission in 1989, Neptune's rotational period is approximately 18 hours. In comparison, Earth, a much smaller planet, has a rotational period of 24 hours... Read More »

How many hours does it take to rotate around the sun?

It takes earth 8,765 hours, or 365.24 days, to rotate around the sun. Since it's difficult to measure time in fractions of days, however, we measure years as 365 days long, with a 366-day year, or ... Read More »