How fast does the Earth travel in its orbit?

Answer While it is taking about 364 days, 2 hours and 1 minute to complete its yearly journey around the sun, Earth is traveling approximately 67,000 miles per hour. And because Earth's circumference at t... Read More »

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How fast does the earth spin per second?

At the equator, the earth spins at a speed of 1,070 miles per hour, or 460 miles per second. At higher latitudes, the spin rate becomes slower, because the earth is a globe.Source:StarrySkys: How F... Read More »

How fast does an amtrak train move?

Nearly 60 percent of all Amtrak trains travel faster than 90 mph. While train speeds vary from location to location, the 456-mile Northeastern Corridor, which connects Washington, Philadelphia, New... Read More »

How fast does the Moon travel to orbit the Earth?

The Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit the Earth. During this orbit, the Moon travels a total distance of 1,423,000 at a speed of 2,288 mph. The Moon sits at an average distance of 238,855 miles from th... Read More »

Victorians, did the earth move for you too?

Yeap! Here in the Yarra Valley felt it big time.Hearing reports that the tremor was felt from the Vic/NSW border right through to Rye.Hubby (who's Californian) says it might have been about a 5 - 5.5