How fast does the Honda Ruckus go?

Answer The Honda Ruckus is a very basic 49cc scooter. The Ruckus is capable of reaching 40 miles per hour; however, as with all light-weight scooters, exact speed depends on the weight of the driver. Some... Read More »

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How fast can a honda ruckus scooter go?

The 194 pound Honda Ruckus scooter has a 49cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine. This particular scooter has a top speed of 40 mph, although some riders claim it takes a while to get to that speed... Read More »

What is the top speed of the Honda Ruckus?

The production 2009 Honda Ruckus' 49cc, liquid-cooled engine has a top speed of around 40 mph but should be no lower than 37 mph; however, this can be limited or enhanced by a variety of factors an... Read More »

Do you need insurance on a Honda Ruckus?

Yes, law requires you to have insurance on a Honda Ruckus scooter, or any scooter, just like on a motorcycle or car. Also, check with your insurance company for possible discounts if you complete s... Read More »

How to Replace a Honda Ruckus Battery?

Over time, your Honda Ruckus's battery can die out. Whether it was from leaving the battery on all night or it's simply too old to operate effectively anymore, both situations require you to replac... Read More »