How fast does salmon oil turn rancid?

Answer Fish oil can oxidize, or go rancid quite quickly. Just how quickly depends on how much light and heat the oil is exposed to. Fish oil (in bottles or capsules) is best kept tightly sealed in the ref... Read More »

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Does vegetable shortening go rancid?

Vegetable shortening definitely has a finite shelf-life. Unopened, a can of shortening will last for two years before going rancid. Once opened, however, its usefulness diminishes to about a year. ... Read More »

How fast does a floppy drive turn?

Most floppy disk drives spin at a rate of 300 revolutions per minute (RPM). However, certain obsolete floppy drives spin at 360 revolutions per minute or vary in speed depending on the physical are... Read More »

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What does olive oil taste like when it is rancid?

Though individual experiences will differ, most chefs agree that a high-quality olive oil's flavor should evoke hints of fruit or olives, while lower-quality oils may emit no distinct taste. Rancid... Read More »