How fast does my web page load?

Answer The speed at which a web page loads depends on a number of factors, including the user's connection speed, the size of the website and the overall flow of traffic on the internet. The download spee... Read More »

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Is youtube SLoW today, it takes forevor to load to the page and i have a fast computer?

Does a CPU load affect how fast or slow Web pages load?

CPU load has a direct effect on the speed at which a Web page loads. In order for the Web page to load, the CPU must load it into your computer’s memory. Then your Web browser, which requires the... Read More »

Web page won't load - get a white page with blue circle?

Try changing your web browser. Google Chrome is fast, free, and very good. You can download it from and it's the best browser I've found on Windows. You could also try Mozi... Read More »

Why won't the page load?

Hey!Clear your browsers history and cache and see if that works. If it doesn't, re-install your browsers. If that still doesn't work, run a scan on your computer and see if any malware or other typ... Read More »