How fast does light travel through fiber optic cables?

Answer Light travels at approximately 1,079,252,849 kilometers per hour in a vacuum. However, when traveling through a medium like glass or a fiber optic cable, the speed is lowered. Depending on the comp... Read More »

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How fast are fiber-optic cables?

A signal can be transmitted much more quickly over fiber-optic cables than over traditional coaxial copper cables. On average, a signal will travel 62 miles over fiber-optic cable, compared with 1.... Read More »

How do fiber-optic cables work?

Fiber optics allow massive amounts of digital data to ride a beam of light through bundles of glass or plastic strands. This system can send more information in less space than traditional networks... Read More »

How do fiber optic cables transmit data?

Fiber optics uses light pulses to transmit information through a cable in much the same way that electronic pulses transmit data. A fiber optic line consists of fibers made of glass and sometimes p... Read More »

How fast is fiber optic cable?

Light within a fiber-optic cable travels at 186,000 miles per second, equivalent to the speed of light. The data transmission speed varies, depending on the nature of the cable. Bell Laboratories t... Read More »