How fast does hair grow per year?

Answer Hair grows at approximately one-half inch per month or 6 inches in a year. As a person ages, hair growth usually slows, sometimes to as little as 0.1 inches per month. A healthy diet adequate in ir... Read More »

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Information on Hair Vitamins to Grow Black Hair Fast?

Growing African hair can be a long and frustrating process. In addition to being the slowest growing of all human hair types, its coarse texture is prone to breakage due to the harsh processing nee... Read More »

How fast do hydrangeas grow in a year?

What you have is a Hydrangea that is an older style Nikko Blue variety. These Hydrangea's bloom off last years growth. So in the fall, do not trim it back. Wait until spring. Since these bloom o... Read More »

How fast do Sugar Maples grow their first year?

You are asking a question with an open end. Growth depends on a multitude of conditions, soil, tree quality, water, bugs, etc. I would say the growth will be similar or a little less than what sil... Read More »

How fast per year do Canadian hemlock trees grow?

The Canadian hemlock tree will grow, on average, 1 to 3 inches per year. The tree will easily adapt to almost any kind of soil and will grow to about 70 feet tall. Climate can play a big part in t... Read More »