How fast does a chimpanzee run?

Answer According to animal fact website A to Z Animals, an adult chimpanzee is capable of running at top speeds of 40 kilometers per hour or 25 miles per hour under the ideal conditions.Source:A to Z Anim... Read More »

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What does a chimpanzee eat?

The chimpanzee is one of the great apes and those in the wild subsist on a varied diet. According to the San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes website, scientists have observed chimps eating as many as 80 dif... Read More »

What does the chimpanzee need for its survival?

Chimpanzees in the wild are able to survive and thrive if their basic needs are met. These needs include food, social contact, trees, a suitable climate and makeshift tools.FoodChimps subsist on a ... Read More »

How many infants does a chimpanzee usually have?

Chimpanzees, which are native to central Africa's tropical forests, almost always deliver 1 or 2 infants from each pregnancy, with the average number being 1. The gestational period ranges from 202... Read More »

How many pounds does a female chimpanzee weigh?

Female chimpanzees tend to be slightly smaller in physical size and weight than male chimpanzees. Wild females typically weigh between 57 and 110 lbs. Chimpanzees can reach somewhat greater weights... Read More »