How fast does a blowgun dart travel?

Answer The speed of a blowgun dart depends on the a number of factors. The length of the blowgun itself plays the most important role in determining the speed of the dart. According to data from North Ame... Read More »

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How far can a blowgun dart go?

The distance traveled by a blowgun dart depends on the barrel length of the blowgun, with longer barrels generally producing greater distances. A study by the University of Southern California show... Read More »

How fast does the sun travel?

The star of our solar system, which we call the sun, orbits around the Milky Way galaxy. It travels at a velocity of about 558,000 miles per hour or 900,000 km per hour. That's about 155 miles per ... Read More »

How fast does the moon travel across the sky?

The moon travels from horizon to horizon--moonrise to moon set--in about twelve hours. During this journey, it travels through what is almost a half-circle arc of 180 degrees. Therefore, the moon t... Read More »

How Fast Does Lightning Travel?

"Lightning fast" is fast indeed. Though the speed varies according to atmospheric conditions, the typical lightning bolt moves at about 224,000 miles per hour, or 3,700 miles per second, according ... Read More »