How fast does a Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike go?

Answer The 2010 Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike can reach speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour. It has a six-speed transmission, a displacement of 124 cc, and a liquid cooled, two stroke, reed-valve induced... Read More »

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How much does a YZ125 dirt bike weigh?

The 2010 Yamaha YZ125 weighs 208 pounds when the gas tank is full. Yamaha has manufactured and modified the design of the YZ125 since first introducing it to the dirt bike world in 1974.Source:TopS... Read More »

How fast can a Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike go?

The top speed of a Yamaha dirt bike depends on its model, engine type and its age. The top speed of a 2009 Yamaha TT-R125E/LE is approximately 60 mph, while the 2008 model has a top speed of about ... Read More »

How fast can a Yamaha YZ125 go?

The Yamaha YZ125 is an off-road dirt bike with a 6-speed transmission, a 2-stroke engine and a curb weight of 208 pounds. The reported top speed for a 2010 Yamaha YZ125 is 100 mph.Source:Top Speed:... Read More »

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go?

Producing between 30 and 35 horsepower and weighing less than 200 pounds, many 125cc class motocross bikes are capable of speeds above 60 miles per hour. However, some have a final-drive gear ratio... Read More »