How fast does a 50cc scooter go?

Answer A 50cc scooter with a speed limiter device can go up to 30mph. Without a speed limiter device, a 50cc scooter can reach up to 50mph.Source:Solano Cycle Buyer's Guide

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How fast does gas 50cc pocket bike go?

A 50cc pocket bike will usually average between 35 and 45 mph, according to Factors to consider are rider weight, as well as the surface ridden on. Also, a more expensiv... Read More »

How fast does a 50cc dirt bike go?

The max speed of a 50cc dirt bike depends on the weight of the bike as well as the weight of the rider and the conditions of the terrain. Top speed averages between 23 and 40 mph.Source:Apollo Orio... Read More »

How do I Troubleshoot a 50cc Scooter?

Scooters require fuel, air, compression and spark. Without these factors being in place, the scooter engine won't run properly. Troubleshooting a 50 cc scooter typically focuses on the areas that a... Read More »

How to Derestrict a 50cc Scooter?

Derestricting your 50cc scooter allows the scooter to accelerate quicker and travel at a greater top speed; this makes for a safer and easier ride on larger roads. Most 50cc scooters are restricted... Read More »