How fast does a 50cc scooter go?

Answer A 50cc scooter with a speed limiter device can go up to 30mph. Without a speed limiter device, a 50cc scooter can reach up to 50mph.Source:Solano Cycle Buyer's Guide

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How to Derestrict a 50cc Scooter?

Derestricting your 50cc scooter allows the scooter to accelerate quicker and travel at a greater top speed; this makes for a safer and easier ride on larger roads. Most 50cc scooters are restricted... Read More »

My 50cc scooter want start?

My best guess is it sat all winter and you have very little compression,this works good on lawn mowers with the same problem.Take out the spark plug and squirt a little engine oil in the hole,turn ... Read More »

Who invented the first 50cc scooter?

The first motor scooters manufactured in the early part of the 20th century had higher displacement engines than 50cc. It is hard to say who invented the first 50cc motor scooter engine because sev... Read More »

My 50cc Scooter Won't Start?

When you want to go somewhere now, and your scooter fails to start, it can seem like a daunting mystery why. The task of troubleshooting the problem can be greatly simplified by understanding that ... Read More »