How fast does a 250cc motorcycle go?

Answer There are many different types of 250cc motorcycles, from dirt bikes to beginner motorcycles. The top speed of a 250 cc Honda engine is around 85 miles per hour.Source:Top Speed

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How much horsepower does a 250cc motorcycle have?

There are many different types of 250cc engines for motorcycles. The horsepower that these engines put out is 20 to 25. This varies slightly depending on the exact set-up of the engine.Source:Total... Read More »

How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?

A 250cc dirt bike typically tops out around 95 to 100 mph, although some models can only reach speeds in the high 70s. Yamaha and Honda are among the Japanese companies that manufacture 250cc dirt ... Read More »

Best Cheap and Reliable 250cc Motorcycle?

Used Kawasaki Ninja 250rUsed Honda CBR250rDo a little research on both and choose one. I'd choose the Honda because it has fuel injection.

When in your definition does a motorcycle STOP being a motorcycle?

Dang it all, Magz. You keep forcing me to agree with you.I don't like that. Gotta disagree to argue, don't ya think?So, there's one exception: can have 3 IF the third is on a sidecar. At least it s... Read More »